Title: Renormal

Artist: Josh Fishburn

: Custom cabinet, computer monitor, plastic screens


ReNormal is a game about rhythm and balance. Its scenarios, which can be manipulated by inserting and removing plastic screens into the game cabinet, are in various stages of imbalance or disarray. They are also interconnected. It is the player's goal to bring them into balance.

I'm inspired by poetically networked games that allow one or more players to peer into a game world from different perspectives, scales, and times. In the past, I have created networked games that explore similar concepts, but I was inspired to experiment with screen overlays when I came across a Magnavox Odyssey commercial that used its television overlays to expand the possible universes offered by its simple graphics. In ReNormal, the screen overlays are an interesting additional interface to the game, and I believe that the manipulation of non-digital objects as part of gameplay can bring about unique experiences.


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